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Astronomy From West Virginia


BRIDGEPORT, WV (S-M) - It's easy to see the Space Station!


Just go to http://spaceflight.nasa.gov/realdata/sightings/ .  Select your country, state, and city.  Then, a list of sighting opportunities will come up for your location.


The list may be a bit confusing.  The date and time are pretty obvious, but the main thing to look for is the maximum elevation.  If the Station won't get above 35 degrees on a pass, it is best to just wait until a better opportunity.


The other fields give the direction in which the Station will first appear, and the direction where it will disappear.  Don't worry too much about this if you aren't good with directions.  If you have a clear sky all around, and you are outside at the right time, you won't miss the Station when it makes a good high pass.  It moves slowly and is very bright! - GW

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In this time exposure, the Station is the streak along the bottom, and the dotted line at right is an airplane.  Notice the bowl of the Big Dipper above the Station.

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