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BRIDGEPORT, WV (S-M) - We have now had our Astrogazer observatory installed for a year, and we have found this little building has exceeded our expectations!


The observatory has never leaked a drop.  We would never have believed this could be the case when we first put it up.  In addition, the shutter has withstood numerous windstorms without coming loose.  The fabric on the building has remained in good shape, and we now expect to get eight to ten years of use out of it.  It actually looks better now, as the high gloss white has become somewhat more matte.


The observatory has seen a lot of use in its first year.  Some nights, we have put the shutter up and down two or three times.  No maintenance has been required on the observatory.  It is well worth what it cost and we can recommend this design highly.


During the warm months, we have done some observing outside.  Now that the Winter weather is coming on, we have moved back inside the observatory.  Although it is not practical to heat an observatory, the blocking of the wind which a dome design does so well makes it seem far warmer.  We have observed in weather down to -4F without much trouble.


For more on our Astrogazer installation, please see the link at left.  - GW

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The little observatory is pictured when first installed.  Click below for more on the Astrogazer.

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